Dosing & administration in children

Creon® 10,000 and Creon® Micro (5,000 lipase units per 100 mg scoop) allow you to prescribe a smaller dose to babies and younger children.


  • Initially 100 mg of Creon® Micro (one measure equal to 5,000 lipase units) should be taken with each feed or meal1
  • Dose increases, if required, should be added slowly with careful monitoring of response and symptoms1
  • Titrate dose upwards as necessary to control symptoms and achieve adequate weight gain2
  • Doses should not exceed 10,000 units of lipase/kg/day1

Administration of Creon® Micro

  • In young infants: Creon Micro granules should be mixed with a small amount of apple juice and given from a spoon directly before the feed.
  • In weaned infants: granules should be taken with acidic liquids or soft foods (e.g. mixed with apple juice or apple puree), but without chewing, directly before the meal.
  • The apple juice should not be diluted.
  • Granules can be mixed with a small amount of milk and administered to the infant immediately.
  • The granules should not be added to the baby's bottle.
  • Once mixed, give directly from a spoon ensuring that the infant swallows all the granules immediately and none are left on their infant’s face, around their mouth, or in their gums.1
  • Parents need to take care to wipe them off as sometimes the enzymes can make their baby’s skin and gums sore. Advise parents to also take care to wipe away granules from other skin (e.g. nipples if breast feeding).3

Dosing with Creon® 10,000

  • Initially one or two capsules with each meal.
  • Dose increases, if required, should be added slowly, with careful monitoring of response and symptomatology.

Administration of Creon® capsules

  • Encourage young children to swallow the capsules whole as early as they can, or
  • Open the capsule and mix the granules with acidic liquids or soft food1,3
  • Care should be taken to ensure that no product is retained in the mouth.

As children grow they are likely to increase their Creon® dose and take more capsules per meal. To help improve compliance and efficacy and to minimise pill burden, consider moving children to Creon® 25,000 capsules.


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Dividing dose between beginning, middle and end of feed may improve pancreatin and chyme mix.4

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