How to take Creon®

How should I take and store Creon®?

Creon® should be taken with each meal so that the enzymes can mix with the food and break it down into small molecules which can be absorbed. It is important that the capsules and granules are not crushed or chewed as this can affect how Creon® works.


How much Creon® you need depends on your condition and the fat content of the food you eat. It will also change depending on whether you are having a small snack or a large dinner.

Your doctor, nurse or dietitian will be able to tell you how much Creon® is recommended for each type of meal. It might be worth keeping a record of their guidance so you can refer to it later.

Creon® is available in different strengths; 25,000, 10,000 and Creon® Micro (5,000). The number refers to how much lipase it contains.

Keep Creon® away from heat

Enzymes can be damaged at high temperatures and should not be stored above 25 degrees. Do not store Creon® in warm places such as window sills, near radiators, in cars or trouser pockets. Also avoid taking Creon® with hot drinks.

Let your doctors know you are using Creon®

For your health, and to ensure you stay on track, it’s important to
ensure all your healthcare practitioners know that you have been prescribed Creon®.

Staying on top of your treatment

If taken correctly, your treatment may help prevent the short-term effects of PEI, such as tummy pain and weight loss and may also help prevent the more serious and longer term effects, such as malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies or osteoporosis.

You should continue to take your medicine until your healthcare practitioner tells you to stop – many patients with PEI will need to take PERT for the rest of their lives.

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