• 6.3 Million patient years

    Creon® offers 6.3 million patient years' experience in managing PEI and a solid foundation of successful clinical trials providing a wealth of data.5

  • Creon®’s Unique Mode of Action

    Creon®’s optimally sized minimicrospheres and unique enteric coating ensure your PEI patients get the right dose.

  • What Does Untreated PEI Mean for Your Patients?

    • Reduced quality of life1
    • Higher risk of cardiovascular events2,3
    • Increased morbidity and mortality1
  • Creon® Dosing for Effective PEI Treatment

    With a wide range of strengths – from Creon® Micro (5,000) to Creon® 25,000 –  Creon® enables effective dosing to meet all your patients’ needs.

Pert treatment goals

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Effective Creon® Dosing

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Resources for practice & patient

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